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1. Showing
1) Self Service Showing: we use the cutting edge Rently's self service showing solution so that renters can view the vacant unit at their convenience.
To schedule a showing, go to https://u11022.rently.com

2) Showing with a realtor or our staff: please email us your availability at realestate6688@gmail.com or call our rental department at 888 653 6889 or contact your realtor directly for scheduling a showing.

2. Rental Application
1) First step:
Click " Apply NOW" tab or go to http://1realservices.managebuilding.com/Resident/apps/rentalapp

2) Second step:
Email the following supporting documents to helpcentral6@gmail.com
a) 2 months most recent income proof such as pay stubs, direct deposit statement, 2 years of signed tax returns for self employed, etc.
b) Driver license or government issued ID copy
c) Any documents to support your application

3. Application fee:
$50 NON REFUNDABLE application fee (no personal check) for each adult. When you apply online, there is a choice of payment. Credit card payment is preferred.
*Co-signer is required to pay the fee as well.

In order to evaluate the various background information and pay for the various reports to third parties and other administrative costs, the application fee is non-refundable. If your application is approvable, but not the approved one for the property for which you are applying, you may consider applying for our rental properties without additional application fee.

4. Background check
Rental background check includes verification of references given in the application such as employment, residency, rental, criminal, credit, eviction history.
#CO-Signer: is also required to do background check.
It takes 1-2 business days to process the application, depending on the response time of your references in the application.

5. Multiple Applications
We will process all applications for consideration as to whom we deem the best applicant in our sold discretion, which may not necessarily be the first application received.

6. Holding deposit
You must place a holding deposit (by cashier's check or money order) of 1 month rent within 48 hours of your approval notification. Once approved, any and all monies are non-refundable. If you fail to proceed with the lease or refuse to take possession of the property on or before the rental date, you shall forfeit the holding deposit.
We do not hold the property off the market until you provide the holding deposit.

7. Property condition
The property must be accepted in "AS IS" condition except for our written agreement for the repair items.
We will do a "Move In" inspection with the tenant to document the current condition.
We strive to endure the property is in good working order and will do repairs if additional repairs noted at the time of inspection and approved by the landlord.

8. Student Lease sharing
We welcome college students to apply. Due to the special circumstance, we will consider co-signers if the income from the students are not sufficient.
The co-signer is required to submit the rental application, pay the fee and subject to the background check like the student tenants.
On the lease, the students will be the tenant (NOT co-signer) and co-signer(s) will sign the Guaranty of Lease.
JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY:. In the event that more than one person or entity executes the lease as Tenant, all such persons and entities shall be jointly and severally liable for all of Tenant's obligations hereunder.
RENT PAYMENT : Pay the rent one payment monthly for the full amount rent by due day.

9. Pet Policy:  Please see the sample Pet Addendum

All pets  must be pre approved. Pet(s) must be kept on a leash at all times while it is outside of the premises. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RUN LOOSE AT ANY TIME. Tenant(s) agree to fully indemnify the Landlord, owner or agent for any damages arising out of injury to another person or to another pet by the pet(s). Pet(s) must not be tied or kept outside door, in the hallways or on the balcony or lanais, if applicable.In the event any pet(s) have offspring, Tenant(s) will be in immediate breach of this agreement. Tenant(s) will be responsible for FULL replacement and/or repair cost of carpet, walls, blinds, flooring or any other items damaged in any way by pet(s). Tenant(s) also will be responsible for the full cost of any exterminating that may be required because of pet(s).

Approval or denial of all pets(s) is at the sole discretion of owner or agent. Landlord, owner or agent reserves the right to withdraw consent at any time by giving the Tenant(s) 7 days written notice to remove pet(s) from the premises for any reason including but not limited to noise, barking, disturbances, damage, threatening behavior towards other tenants(s) or employees of owner or agent. In the event the pet(s) are not removed after notice, Tenant(s) will be subject to eviction. 

Keeping a pet on the premises is a revocable privilege and not a right.



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